Is the ‘Jeetoh’ application free?

Yes, it is 100% free and there is no hidden cost.

Is the winning prize real?

Yes, it is 100% real.

Is the game legal?

YES it is. According to the Indian law, if users have a chance to win money without risking any of their own money or being charged any amount for virtual currency, it is absolutely legal.

How to claim the winning prize?

The buyouts are through Paytm or UPI, whereas the ‘Jeetoh Bumper’ Jackpot prize winner will be contacted within 24 hours of result declaration.

How do I win?

Every ticket has a fair and equal chance to win. You can submit a total of 24 tickets (For both, the ‘Jeetoh Bumper’ and the ‘Kismat Ka Ticket’) for the Tuesday live show and 30 tickets for the Saturday live show. Every ticket that you submit increases your chances of winning, so go and submit now!

Where can I watch the live show?

The ‘Jeetoh Live Show’ will be streamed on the application every Tuesday and Saturday at 7: 30 pm.

When can I submit my tickets?

You can submit tickets anytime, just remember that submissions close 5 minutes before the live show, and will be reset and open again after the end of the live show.

How many tickets can I submit?

You can submit 3 ‘Jeetoh Bumper’ Tickets and 3 ‘Kismat Ka Ticket’ tickets every 24 hours, the tickets will be reset at 00: 00. However, on the day of the live show, users will be able to submit 3 extra tickets for each game in 24 hours (3 before the live show and 3 after, before 00: 00)

How to play ‘Kamaal Ka Sawaal’ offline?

Offline – Complete the offline tasks and earn points. Each task will be worth a given amount of points. By earning 100 points you can earn an extra life that can be used in the ‘Kamaal Ka Sawaal’ game in the live show.

How to play ‘Kamaal Ka Sawaal’ during the live show?

Interact with the host in the exciting live show and answer each question within 10 seconds to win real cash. If you get an answer wrong, you have the opportunity to use an extra life. Remember, you cannot use an extra life for the final 2 questions of the game. All the best!